Are you getting problem in partitioning your hard drive?

Know how you can easily partition your hard drive?

Do you know about the partition tool For Mac software?

Partitioning of the hard drive is done to separate the storage space in the hard drive. Separation of hard drive is very important especially for those who want to keep so many applications or data on their Mac. You always need a hard drive space for whether you want to install a game, share the files, or even want speedy internet services. Splitting the hard drive also helps in separating the file based on different categories. Partition of hard drive organizes the data present inside in a reasonable manner and thus helps user in easily dealing with them.

Before using the free space of the hard disk drive it must be partitioned. After the creation of partition a space is reserved for use as a logical drive or the volume which can then be addressed by the OS. To locate the free disk space the volumes are used. For the fast access you must partition your Mac. For the partition of hard drive it is important to format your Mac system. However, while formatting you may lose all your essential file and folders. For this problem you can use the partition tool For Mac software. This software moves your file very easily.

The partition tool For Mac software has the capability to delete, resize and also add a new partition and you dont need to format your hard drive. You just need to select the partition and click on it to start working. Some important features of Partition tool Mac software is given below:

  • It handles the application and data separately
  • The software helps in limiting the usage of the disk space
  • You can modify the size of the partition which is full of data
  • This software can work with all kinds of hard drives, including the removable disks such as Fireworks, Zip disks, hard disks, and USB disks.
  • The tool is compatible to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and other latest hardware by Apple
  • You can change the size of partition according to your data
  • With this tool you can partition your disk even without formatting

How to use the software to Partition Mac

User Guide

Step 1:Introduction of Wizard

First of all Launch the application

Step 2:

The interface screen displays a warning message after you select the boot volume of your system

Step 3:

Specifying the desired volume name and size for the new partition to be created

System Requirements

    Processor : Intel, PowerPC (G3 or later)
    Operating System : Mac OS 10.3.9 and above
    Memory : 512 MB of RAM
    Hard Disk : 25 MB of free space


    You are really working great guys! I have used this software to partition Mac. It works tremedously and i was able to perform the task securely.